Best 5 home security cameras at budget price tag

Currently, security cameras are not confined to offices/shops, but they are used by most households. Featuring attractive and convenient features, these cameras attract current customers. The latest security cameras have also attracted customers from PriceTag.

Security cameras are currently being used by most users at home. These smart cameras have security features. Some cameras have 360-degree coverage. But there is more demand for security cameras available at budget rates. Read about some of the major security cameras in Budget Price mentioned in this article.

Mi 360 Home Security Camera

The Mi comes with a 360-degree dual motor-head design. This allows the camera to rotate and capture a 360-degree horizontal view and a 96-degree vertical view. The camera's shock-resistant design and quiet motor allow for smooth and silent rotation. The camera offers better image quality with its 20 megapixels, 1080p resolution, and wide dynamic range camera sensor.

Oncam C-12

Oncom has acquired the company's premium 360-degree video capture technology. The first two cameras, the C-12 Indoors and the C-12 Outdoors have been introduced. It has a 12MP sensor and is powered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Designed to support mission-critical video surveillance and security deployments, the Oncom C-Series provides performance, resilience, scalability, and ease of use for advanced 360-degree fisheye solutions.

Conbre Multiplex XR2 V380 Pro

The ConBre Multiplex R2 V380 Pro Home and Office Smart Wireless Camera comes with a built-in High Sensitive Earphone and High Fidelity Speaker. This device allows you to speak from anywhere. This device supports both Android and iOS mobile systems. The camera comes with an intelligent smart detection function. Provides instant real-time alert on your mobile device when detecting movement at any time.

Realmi Smart Cam

Realmi Smart Cam 360-degree Home Security Camera offers 1080p video recording capability. It supports microSD card up to 128GB. It comes with an AI motion sensor that senses movement in the room and alerts users. Moreover, it comes with infrared night vision.

YI Home Camera

This camera of the YI has a simple design and 1080p resolution. It has a wide-angle and 4x zooms. You can set up these 4 cameras and view all 4 feeds on your Mac or PC simultaneously. It also supports night vision and baby crying technology to alert users when a baby is crying. It also supports two-way conversations.


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